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Austin Healthcare Fraud Lawyers

Criminal healthcare fraud charges can drastically affect the life any medical insurance provider, doctor, or individual consumer. State and federal investigators have recently adopted aggressive tactics to help stop healthcare fraud, such as threatening those charged of healthcare fraud with harsh consequences. Facing healthcare fraud charges can be very damaging, and you should not have to suffer because you were wrongful accused.

At the law offices of Ian Inglis, Attorney at Law, our team of lawyers is dedicated to helping fight for your rights. We have the knowledge and experience to help protect your rights so you do not have to suffer from a wrongful healthcare fraud accusation. To speak with a professional Austin healthcare fraud attorney about your legal options, contact us today at (512) 472-1950.

Types of Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud occurs whenever a company or person intentionally provides or accepts false information that allows them to secure more health care benefits than they should receive. There are many possible health care fraud accusations. Some common types of healthcare fraud include:

  • Providing false claims
  • Billing for services one did not receive
  • Over-billing or double-billing
  • Making someone pay for services that are not necessary
  • Participating in Medicare and Medicaid insurance fraud

Unfortunately, sometimes another person’s unlawful actions can sully your good name and make it look like you have participated in fraud. We are here to help you overcome these charges so your personal and professional lives do not suffer.

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Healthcare fraud is a federal crime, meaning that it can come with severe consequences. To speak with a professional legal representative about your legal options if you are facing healthcare fraud charges, contact experienced Austin healthcare fraud lawyer Ian Inglis today at (512) 472-1950.

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