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Board Certification

Board Certification in General

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is authorized by the Supreme Court of Texas to certify attorneys in 18 specific areas of law. Certification in one of these fields indicates an attorney’s special competence in the field. To become board certified, an attorney must meet specific requirements and pass a day-long written examination. Initial certification is valid for a period of five years. To remain certified, an attorney must apply for re-certification every five years and meet practice, peer review, and continuing legal education requirements for the specialty field. This rigorous certification and re-certification process helps insure that the citizens of Texas receive the highest quality legal services.

Board Certification in Criminal Law

Board certification is available in the field of criminal law. An attorney who is board certified in criminal law must have experience in the preparation and trial of serious criminal matters. The attorney also must have extensive knowledge of state and federal evidence, procedure, constitutional law, and substantive penal law.

To become board certified in criminal law, an attorney must:
  • Be licensed to practice law for at least five years
  • Devote a required percentage of practice to criminal law for at least three years
  • Handle a wide variety of criminal law matters to demonstrate experience and involvement in the field
  • Attend criminal law continuing education seminars regularly to keep legal training up to date
  • Be evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges
  • Pass a day-long written examination.
The consumer can identify a board certified criminal law attorney in several ways. The certified attorney is entitled to indicate certification on business cards and letterhead by stating "Board Certified - Criminal Law - Texas Board of Legal Specialization." The attorney also may display the certificate of special competence awarded by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and may list the certification in legal directories and telephone listings under "Attorneys - Board Certified."

Ian Inglis, Board Certified Criminal Attorney

I was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1978. I began my practice of law in Austin in 1981. From the beginning I concentrated my practice in the area of criminal defense. I obtained my original board certification in criminal law in 1987 and have been re-certified in 1992, 1997, 2002, and 2007.

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